mythopoeic me (kaliganesha) wrote in world_airways,
mythopoeic me

San Francisco Airport -- connection times

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering how best to make a connection in the San Francisco airport. I'll be arriving on a United Airlines flight from Shanghai (so I'll be in the international terminal, and I'll have to go through customs) and I'm connecting to an Alaska Airlines flight (terminal 1). Is anyone familiar with this airport? What's the best way to get from Customs to Terminal 1? Do you think I can make it if my Alaska flight leaves an hour after I arrive on United? Also, the United people said that planes to SF are often about a half-hour early.

Tips, hints, or shortcuts through the air ventilation system would be much appreciated. Thanks :-)


EDIT: I forgot to mention: I'm not stupid. I didn't actually book a one hour connection. I have reservations on a flight that leaves in the late afternoon, but I'm on standby for the hour-connection flight. I'd really like to get home earlier....but I'm realistic about the chances of that happening.

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