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Monday, July 26th, 2010

Subject:American Airlines promotion codes community
Posted by:americair.
Time:12:56 pm.
Join American Airlines promotion codes community - http://community.livejournal.com/aa_sales/
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Subject:AA - New York - Tokyo, Up To 15,000 Bonus Miles
Posted by:americair.
Time:12:54 pm.
American Airlines flight New York - Tokyo, Up To 15,000 Bonus Miles.

American Airlines

Bonus Miles

Bonus Promotion Code:

Travel between July 8, 2010 and September 30, 2010. Fly American Airlines between New York/JFK and Tokyo Narita on a First or Business Class ticket and you'll earn 15,000 AAdvantage bonus miles for round-trip travel (7,500 bonus miles for one-way travel).

In addition to increasing your mileage balance, you will enjoy your flight onboard our Boeing 777 aircraft, the largest and most comfortable aircraft in the American Airlines fleet. The 777 features lie-flat sleeper seats in First Class and a professional atmosphere for working or resting in Business Class.

Terms and Conditions:
AAdvantage bonus mile offer is valid on American Airlines marketed and operated nonstop flights for travel between New York/JFK and Tokyo (NRT), July 8, 2010, through September 30, 2010. Offer applies only to AAdvantage members who purchase and fly on published fare tickets booked in F, J, A, I, D or R. Flights operated by our codeshare partners are not eligible for this promotion. Bonus miles do not count toward elite status qualification. Registration prior to travel is required.

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Friday, June 11th, 2010

Posted by:grniiis.
Time:9:07 am.
I. I am an aircraft Inspector for an airline. Specifically this one.
II. I am a pilot, though not professionally. I used to be the rep who would do the test flights at the factory or other deliveries.
III. I searched for users interested in airlines. I have been on lj for over 6 years, I needed to expand my friend group a bit.

Feel free to add me. I will try to filter my entries to exclude the personal crap.
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Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Subject:New travel community - Airports news
Posted by:123airports.
Time:3:54 pm.
New travel community - Airports news, join - http://community.livejournal.com/airportsnews/
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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

Subject:helo post
Posted by:grungeous.
Time:8:29 am.
I. You must be either an airline employee, an aviation enthusiast, an airplane photographer, or you must be interested in airlines/aviation.
II. You must of at least flown once before, plan to fly in the future, or would like to fly.
III. Please post an initial post specifying how you found this community.

I. Yes, I'm cabin crew.
II. Thanks to where I work I do fly a lot... say 1200 hrs a year... :))
III. typed 'boeing' in my interests list, and pop, here I am.
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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Posted by:iappleyou.
Time:7:07 am.
I. You must be either an airline employee, an aviation enthusiast, an airplane photographer, or you must be interested in airlines/aviation.
II. You must of at least flown once before, plan to fly in the future, or would like to fly.
III. Please post an initial post specifying how you found this community.

I. I planning to study Aviation Management BSc this September and yes, =) I have an enormous interest in the cival aviation industry.
II. Er, =s I'm taking the management pathway at Uni lol However, I would like to fly? (@_@)
III. I found this community because I listed Airlines as one of my interests and ended up here! =D

Nice to meet you all! =)

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Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Posted by:westhounslow.
Time:1:51 pm.
hello, my name is mike. i found this community on an interest page. i'm an avitation entusiast and come from an aviation family. my father has worked for UA in engineering for the past 16 years and because of this i've flown on many, many flights since i was an infant. i collect UA airplane models as well, so far i have about 7 in three different liveries. my favorite narrowbody airplane is the Airbus A320, my favorite widebody is the Boeing 767-300ER. my favorite airports are chicago o'hare, paris charles de-gaulle and san francisco intl.

so here's a list of airplanes i've flown on
Douglas DC-10-10/30

airlines i've flown on: united, british midland, ATA and US airways

and i've visited a whole slew of airports throughout my life and dont really want to name them all.

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Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Subject:top ten preformance airlines?
Posted by:laced_seduction.
Time:12:36 am.

Which airlines scored high marks for performance both on the ground and aloft?

Top 10 Overall
1. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong
2. Qantas Airways, Australia
3. Emirates, Dubai
4. Singapore Airlines, Singapore
5. British Airways, United Kingdom
6. Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia
7. Thai Airways, Thailand
8. Qatar Airways, Qatar
9. Asiana Airlines, South Korea
10. ANA All Nippon Airways, Japan

Source of information:
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Subject:<3 airplanes
Posted by:laced_seduction.
Time:1:33 am.
<3I am a new member
I. I am an avation enthusiaist, and airline photographer for myself.
II. I have always flown alot, especially when i was a child (many trips to london, the uk, germany. ect.) I am flying to france in june.
III. I found this comunity, looking through airline related things.
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Sunday, March 20th, 2005

Posted by:heege.
Time:4:00 pm.
Well, I'm not really sure how I found this community, but here we go.

I've been flying since I can't remember, now I go flying about once a month or so - my dad's a pilot aswell, so I get like 90% discount on planetickets, which I take advantage of (hehe). I'm also thinking seriously about becoming a pilot myself. Atleast that's my plans. What more is there to say? :-)
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Friday, March 4th, 2005

Posted by:dropdeadfred172.
Time:4:29 pm.
Well, ive been flying since i was 3 months old and im 16 now. I've probobly flown over 25 times since then to chicago, atlanta, miami, denver, california, london, dublin, cardiff and new york. I am interested in planes and am thinking of becomming a stewardess, i've certainly learned all of the safety instructions! Ok, just wanted to introduce myself, happy flying!
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Sunday, February 20th, 2005

Posted by:amphixious.
Time:1:46 pm.
i took a 10 hour flight from frankfurt to houston with a 9 month old in my lap. no bassinette. ARGGGG
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Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Posted by:majorxero.
Time:7:11 pm.
I just found this community and figured I'd add to my list of airliner comms. So, to appease the rules:

I: I am an aviation enthusiast. Mainly civil aviation. Love the big birds.
II: I've flown quite a bit. My girlfriend lived in Northern Virginia (Now in Texas, making her way here) and I live in LA so it helped add a few frequent flyer miles.
III: I just found it by searching under one of my interests.
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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Posted by:vernonhardapple.
Time:5:26 pm.
Mood: amused.
Some people say that they'd rather sit in the back of the plane because when it crashes, they will be the last to die.

Do you suppose that's why first class is at the front?
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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Posted by:2plaid4u.
Time:10:37 pm.
Well, I found this community, so I figured I'd join.
In reply to the rules to join:
I. I'm interested in aviation... more or less. I'm a field technician for a forensic company and fly around 150k miles a year.
II. See above...
III. See above...

quote of the day.... (or the business)
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. Any landing you can walk away from and use the plane again is a great landing.
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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Subject:Hello :)
Posted by:colmirl.
Time:4:15 pm.
Mood: busy.
Just found this community under a shared interest.

Just back from NY with Virgin Atlantic, and I'm a big fan of all things airline related :)
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Sunday, August 1st, 2004

Posted by:nicstaru2.
Time:3:29 pm.
Hiya all.

I just come across this community doing a click through on common interests (I was clicking on things like travel, and airlines etc). Am heading off to Europe next year (from Australia) for a 3 week trip in January, and am currently in the process of planning the trip and booking my flight over. Any help would be much appreciated- I prefer Singapore Airlines, but am willing to go a cheaper alternative if service is pretty good. I'm not willing to forgo comfort and good service for the sake of 400 Australian dollars- its a 24 hour flight! I did KLM once for the long haul and while it was ok, Singapore was far superior. Its the little things for the comfort factor that I am looking for here. I want to minimise jet lag, maximise sleeping and being comfortable on the plane since when I arrive its going to be 3 weeks on the go!

Oh, and yes,- have been flying on a regular basis since I was 3 years old. When I was 15 my Dad and I sat down to count how many planes I'd been on, got to 55, and had lost track of ones we had and hadn't counted. Since then its been about the same number!

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Posted by:_ificanthaveu.
Time:12:19 pm.
Mood: excited.
Hey, I've just joined. I found this community through the search engine under 'airports'

I'm Jemma, 19 and I hail from England.

I love flying, I love airports, I love the whole build up to getting ready for your flight, taking off... etc :) I hate it when ya ears pop ;) That, for me, is the worst thing about flying. I first went on an aircraft when I was 15 - I went to Cyprus and absolutely loved it. I didn't know what to expect and it was a great flying. I last went on an aircraft last year :( And I'm so desperate on getting on a plane! But I lack of money *lol*

I'm interested in being a flight attendant but I doubt I can ever be one because I'm short, I have short eye sight and I'm also interested in being an actress and a writer.

Anyone is welcome to add me as a friend because I'd love to talk to other people who share the same flying interests as me :)
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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Posted by:wrxkaboom.
Time:11:37 pm.
hi my name is james and i am an alcoholic errrrrrrrrrrrr wrong community, eh i found this community through a x-post.
Love flying and airlines, its a weird fascination really, I usually fly transpac my next flight to Hong Kong is next month, looking forward to it.
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Friday, June 18th, 2004

Subject:San Francisco Airport -- connection times
Posted by:kaliganesha.
Time:8:44 am.
Hey everyone,

I'm wondering how best to make a connection in the San Francisco airport. I'll be arriving on a United Airlines flight from Shanghai (so I'll be in the international terminal, and I'll have to go through customs) and I'm connecting to an Alaska Airlines flight (terminal 1). Is anyone familiar with this airport? What's the best way to get from Customs to Terminal 1? Do you think I can make it if my Alaska flight leaves an hour after I arrive on United? Also, the United people said that planes to SF are often about a half-hour early.

Tips, hints, or shortcuts through the air ventilation system would be much appreciated. Thanks :-)


EDIT: I forgot to mention: I'm not stupid. I didn't actually book a one hour connection. I have reservations on a flight that leaves in the late afternoon, but I'm on standby for the hour-connection flight. I'd really like to get home earlier....but I'm realistic about the chances of that happening.

x-posted to ljtravel, sanfrancisco, airliners, sfbayarea, and world_airways
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