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World Airways

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Welcome to World Airways, a community for aviation enthusiasts, those who enjoy civil aviation or for those who simply want to discuss aviation-related topics and news.

This community was made for anything aviation related, including aircraft photos, travel experiences, airline news, airport information, travel questions, or anything and everything on aviation.

All aviation-related posts are welcome here.

To Join:
I. You must be either an airline employee, an aviation enthusiast, an airplane photographer, or you must be interested in airlines/aviation.
II. You must of at least flown once before, plan to fly in the future, or would like to fly.
III. Please post an initial post specifying how you found this community.

I. Any off topic posts will be deleted.
II. If you choose to post pictures or photos, please use the lj_cut feature.
III. No Spam!
IV. Any quizzes, polls, or any related items must be aviation related and must be posted under the lj_cut feature.