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Hey, I've just joined. I found this community through the search engine under 'airports'

I'm Jemma, 19 and I hail from England.

I love flying, I love airports, I love the whole build up to getting ready for your flight, taking off... etc :) I hate it when ya ears pop ;) That, for me, is the worst thing about flying. I first went on an aircraft when I was 15 - I went to Cyprus and absolutely loved it. I didn't know what to expect and it was a great flying. I last went on an aircraft last year :( And I'm so desperate on getting on a plane! But I lack of money *lol*

I'm interested in being a flight attendant but I doubt I can ever be one because I'm short, I have short eye sight and I'm also interested in being an actress and a writer.

Anyone is welcome to add me as a friend because I'd love to talk to other people who share the same flying interests as me :)
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